Focus Areas of the Trade Fair Nomenclature/Exhibitor Portfolio

IFRA and DCX are the leading exhibitions for technology to publish news in print, social media, mobile, online or on web TV or web radio. More than 85 % of the IRFA World Publishing Expo visitors are decision-makers at publishing companies – coming from more than 100 countries.

IFRA World Publishing Expo

Business, Management & Organisation
OutsourcingProduction Management
Production Planning
Production Tracking
Business Process Management
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Total Quality Management

Industry & Company Information
Paper, Pulp and Forestry Information
Publishing Company Information
Publishing Industry Information
ReadershipSupplier Company Information

Mailroom & Distribution
Addressing Machines
Bar Code Printing
Bindery parts
Buffer Storage Systems
Bundle Distribution Systems
Bundling Systems
ConveyorsCopy Counters
Copy Stream Storage Systems
Distribution Equipment
Inserting Systems
Labelling Systems
Mailing Systems
Mailrom Automation Systems
Mailroom - Design
Mailroom - Installations
Mailroom - Workflow
Mailroom and Distribution - Miscellaneous
Mailroom Control Systems
Mailroom Systems
Return Copies Counting Systems
Rotary Cutting Machines
Route Planning Systems
Strapping Systems
Top Sheet Applicators
Used Equipment
Wrapping Machines

Materials & Consumables / Materials Handling
Automated Guided Vehicles
Chemicals and Additives
Fountain Solutions
Glue for Fold
Material Logistics
Materials and Consumables - Miscellaneous
Materials Consumption
Newsprint Consumption
Newsprint Logistics
Newsprint Recycling
Newsprint Specifications
Newsprint Testing
Other Paper Grades
Roller Rubber Coatings
Splicing Tapes
Strapper Bands
Waste Management
Wrapping Foils

Building and Construction
Education and Training
Environment / Recycling
Newspaper History and Museums
Newspaper Studies
SupplementsWorking Conditions / Safety

Pre Press Production
Colour Management Systems
Copy Dot Scanners
CTP Systems
CTP Systems - Installations
Data Formats (PDF, XML, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, CIP)
Developing Processors
Fan-out Compensation (RIP)
Film Output Systems (= Imagesetters)
Image Capture - Cameras
Image Capture - Scanners
Image Editing
Image Reproduction
Ink Keys Presetting
Measuring Devices
OPI Systems
Page Make-Up Systems
Page Transmission
Picture Transmission
Plate Bending / Punching
Plate Exposure Systems (= Plate Copying)
Plate Handling Devices
Preflight Systems
Prepress Workflow
Proofing Systems
Quality Control
Screening Technology

Presses & Printing
Used Equipment
Blanket Washers
Colour / Print Quality Control
Damping Systems
Fold-gluing Systems
Fountain Solution Preparation
Ink Supply & Ink Mixing
Inking Systems
Noise Protection
Press Accessories
Press Cleaning Equipment
Press Control
Press Drives
Press Maintenance
Press Management
Presses - Design and Development
Presses - Digital Presses and Printing (Direct Imaging)
Presses - Installations
Presses - Workflow
Presses and Printing - Miscellaneous
Printing on Demand
Printing Technologies and Problems
Reel Handling
Reel Unwrapping
Register Control
Splice Preparation Device
Tension Control Systems
Used Equipment
Vibration Control
Web Breaks Control
Web Infeed Units

Prepress Services
Printing Services
Mailroom Services
Finishing Services
Distribution Services
Human Resources Services
Outsourcing Services
Maintenance Services
Cleaning Services - Facility Management
Spare Part Services
Retrofit services
Life-Time-Extension Services
Financial Services
Business Process Outsourcing

DCX Digital Content Expo

Content Strategy
Advisory and consulting
Associations / Institutes
Big Data Analysis
Business Intelligence
Consumer Information
Customer Experience Management Solutions
Education and Training
Legal Aspects
Market research information
Marketing services
Media industry information
Online Analytics Tools
Persona creation
Publishing Industry Information
Readership insights
Social Analytics Tools
Social Media MonitoringTrend research
Usability Design (UX)
Web Consulting and Services
Web Design

Content Production & Editorial
360° Photo and Video Solutions
3D Hardware and Solutions
Agencies - News Agencies
Agencies - Picture Agencies
Archive Systems
Archive Systems - Installations
Asset Management
Audio Editing Software & Apps
Audio Production Equipment
Augmented Reality Solutions (AR)
Automated Content Creation Solutions
Collaboration Software
Computer hardware
Content Management Systems
Content Marketing Automation
Design - Miscellaneous
Document Management
Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Editorial Planning
Editorial Systems
Editorial Systems - Installations
Editorial Technology
Editorial Workflow
Graphic Services
Mobile Audio Recorders
Network / Server / Hosting
News Gathering
Newspaper Design
Newsroom Management
Page Layout / Composition
Photo Studio Equipment
Photo Production Equipment
Podcasting Solutions, Online Radio
Semantic Web Solutions
Solutions for Corporate Publishing
Spellchecking software
Sports Tables Software
Video Conferencing Tools
Video Production Equipment
Video Production Software
Virtual Reality Solutions
Video Studio Equipment
Web Design
Wire Services

Content Distribution
Broadcasting and Streaming Solutions
CD Publishing
Cloud Storage Solutions
Content Seeding
Content Sharing
Contend Marketing Automation
Cross Media Distribution Solutions
Digital-Out-Of-Home Media (DooH)
E-Mail Marketing Solutions
Electronic Paper / Electronic Ink
Facebook Publishing Solutions
Free Newspapers
Influencer Marketing
Marketing Solutions
Mobile Apps
Mobile Publishing Solutions
Multi Channel Marketing
Online Archives
Online Newspapers
Online Services
Responsive Webdesign
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Advertising
Social Networks
Streaming Services
Tailored Online Services
Web Content Syndication
Web Publishing
Web Radio Solutions
Web Services
Web TV Solutions

Content Monetisation & Advertising
Ad Networks
Ad Page Planning
Ad Pagination
Ad Production / Ad Make Up
Ad Serving
Ad Tracking
Ad Transmission
Advertising - Miscellaneous
Advertising Industry Information
Advertising Sales and Booking Systems
Advertising Systems
Advertising Systems - Installations
Advertising Workflow
Affiliate Marketing
Branded Content
Business Planning
Business Systems / Commercial Systems
Call Center Software
Call Centers
Cooperation Marketing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM Systems)
Direct Marketing Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions for Online Market Places
E-Commerce Solutions for Online Shops
Hotline Solutions
Inbound Marketing Solutions
Leadmanagement, Lead Campaigns
Location Based E-Commerce Solutions
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Payment Systems
Native Advertising
Online Advertising
Online Payment Systems
Performance Marketing
Permission Marketing
Programmatic Advertising
Re-Marketing, Re-Targeting
Sales Solutions - Advertising
Sales Solutions - Circulation
Sales Solutions - Distribution
SEA - Search Engine Advertising
Social Commerce Solutions
Telemarketing Solutions
Ticketing Systems

Content Services
Analytic Services
Audit Trail Services
Automatic Classification Services
BCS Business Content Services
Business Process Services
Capture Services
Cloud Content Services
Collaboration Services
Compliance Management Services
Content Services Dienstleistungen
CSA Content Services Applications
CSC Content Services Components
CSP Content Services Platforms
Document Management Services
Electronic Invoice Services
Electronic Signature Services
OCR Services
Output Management Services
Publishing Services
Scan Services
Search Services
Service Providing
TCS Transactional Content Services
Transformation Services
Translation Services
Web Content Services

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