Surface and Stand Construction

Surfaces and stand construction

You own a display stand?

Simply book your floor space. Services such as electricity, internet and cleaning can be easily added after registration via the online exhibitor hand-book.

You don’t own a stand?

Rely on our professional partner and choose our All Inclusive Package or book a modular stand construction in the required size. 

Modular stand construction includes walls, blend labelling, carpeting as well as a table and chairs, electricity and internet connection. 

You would like to be part of our trade fair do not know how to best represent your company? We are happy to help you find the best solution for your trade fair presence.

Together with our partner, we offer a range of stand systems for rent.


At World Publishing Expo & Digital Content Expo, you can choose between four varieties of stands. Whether you decide for a perimeter, corner, peninsula or island stand - each variant has its advantages and offers different design possibilities. We are happy to advise you on the optimal position for your company.

Perimeter stand
One open side, minimum size 15m²

Corner stand
Two open sides / minimum size 15m²

Peninsula stand
Three open sides / minimum size 18m²

Island stand
Four open sides / minimum size24m²


You may also embellish your modular stand fittings, according to your own wishes, with leased chattels (for example counters, work stations, tables, chairs, fridge, etc.), individual wall designs (for example coloured infills, pictures or graphics as prints) or with a coloured carpet (red, blue, green, yellow).



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