Six Start-ups for the Hotspot Berlin

The Start-ups that join the DCX Digital Content Expo in Berlin in October offer forward-looking solutions. We have looked at some of the young companies in more detail: We present six of these entrepreneurs and their products to you in brief here.

Apollo – Automate labour-intensive jobs and speed up the workflow

Based on extensive studies in the field of artificial intelligence, Apollo (Phönix New Media) developed tools that help media companies to automate labour-intensive jobs such as Auto-Abstract, PDF Segmentation and Article Clustering (updatemi). The start-up based in Austria elevates these three applications to the next level, where so far tremendous manual effort has been needed.

Die Mehrwertmacher

Mehrwertmacher – Better service for readers

The German start-up offers a wide range of technologies and services for editorial and marketing purposes. The goal of “Mehrwertmacher” is to get to know readers better and to discover regional themes. For example, the start-up has a tool for live usage of data in their portfolio: directly via pen scanner and an app, readers give feedback to the work of journalists. A further solution is a cross media multi-value auction: the young company brings retailer, publisher and consumer into a risk-free business, following the principle of "goods for advertising for money". The start-up also developed a solution for creating a responsive e-paper.

Ownpage – Personalisation solutions to increase publishing revenues

Readers are confronted with a huge volume of content which makes it difficult to access the news that could be most interesting to them. Therefore, the way they consume news changes. Users mostly reach media websites via search engines, social networks or content aggregators driven by tech companies. Against this background, Ownpage wants to restore the power to distribute their content back to the media. The researchers of the French start-up have developed a content suggestion engine. The idea: help content find its readers. Analysing the reading behaviour of the digital media, they propose a personalised selection of content different for each user. With its algorithm for personalisation Ownpage allows news companies to show readers stories based on their reading habits and what other similar users are reading. Additionally, users can build personalised email newsletters.

PandaSuite – Create your own app without any technical skills 

PandaSuite (Beingenious) offers a solution to create an app without any coding skills. The start-up provides an online studio for creating all kinds of interactive stories, communication tools, magazines or games. Users just need to insert their content with drag and drop, add gestures and actions, build animations and play with awesome effects. The French start-up provides their customers with a quick and easy method to create individual content on every device.

Poool – Platform that helps publishers to personalise readers’ journey

Most readers leave a website when they run up against a premium post. They are frustrated and don’t come back to the webpage: This is a reason why news media lose potential subscribers. But thanks to French Start-up Poool, publishers can personalise the customer journey and streamline user experience towards paywalls that are integrated into their websites. With several algorithms, Poool analyses readers' behaviour in order to determine their involvement level and to set different kind of rules for different kind of readers. That allows news media to push the right action at the right time, to maximise monetisation and involvement with premium content.

Utopia Analytics – Increase profit, drive growth and improve customer satisfaction

The Finnish start-up Utopia is at the forefront of the hardest cases of text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence, helping publishers to increase their profit. Its team includes several doctorate-level experts of analytics and computational linguistics. They have an especially strong research background from top institutions, including Aalto University and the Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence. Utopia uses the latest text and data mining techniques as well as their own proprietary technology. The start-up combines the algorithms with deep understanding of end users and their business needs.



Overall, the Start-up Park of the DCX will focus on innovations to help news organisations move into an era dominated by ad-tech tools, new forms of narrative and engagement with the audience such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, automated generation of content. Entrepreneurs will also present new productivity tools powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, and business models for monetising digital content.


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