Start-up Park

Start-up Park: Bringing innovative technologies to the market

Partnering with Future Media Lab and the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) we are launching a Start-up Park: an exclusive business platform that will allow tech entrepreneurs to meet and engage with a global network of media executives.

The geography and process of innovation are more open, collaborative and diverse than ever. But the separate efforts, prototypes and roll-outs by hundreds of different tech companies get inconsistent attention and analysis. Vital lessons and examples are not being widely or rapidly disseminated enough. With the DCX Start-up Park, we bring those companies together in a central and accessible place: our exhibition is a unique environment for early stage start-ups to engage with a global network of thousands of media executives.


A stage for the next generation of tech talents

“The success of media companies is to a large extent driven by the collaboration capabilities of all parties involved. We are proud to contribute to this essential collaboration work that unlocks the innovation potential of tech entrepreneurs with outstanding creative solutions but a lack of market access to commercialise them successfully,” says Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA and its GAMI. GAMI is the Global Alliance for Media Innovation to create a global multi stakeholders network that serves the need for a sustainable innovation and collaborative ecosystem for the news media industry. The alliance supports and coordinates international research and innovation programmes, develops platforms for news publishers to better work and engage with emerging technology entrepreneurs and innovation centres.

The new area at the DCX is designed to promote new ideas from start-ups and connect them with potential customers (media executives) and incubators. Young tech companies (less than 3 years on the market) have the opportunity to exhibit their solutions under attractive conditions. Start-up Park will combine networking opportunities, 30-minute lectures and pitches, and a best of show start-up contest held during the Expo.


From innovative ad-tech tools to new forms of narrative

“Looking at the wide range of innovations happening today, driven by the smartest and most creative entrepreneurial minds in Europe, we get a feel for the changes Europe’s media sector is going through. Start-ups presented in Berlin in October offer forward-looking solutions,” says Max von Abendroth, founder of Future Media Lab., an open forum that brings together media professionals, tech innovators, journalists and policy makers to create a new level of knowledge and unique insights at the interface of media and tech innovation and public policy.

The Start-up Park will focus on innovations to help news organisations move into an era dominated by ad-tech tools, new forms of narrative and engagement with the audience such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, automated generation of content. Entrepreneurs will also present new productivity tools powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, and business models for monetising digital content.

For more information about the participating start-ups please visit: Start-up Park

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