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Attracting young audiences: How "Muy Liebre" suceeds 27.06.2017

Entertaining videos, GIFs and illustrations on various social media platforms – to reach millennials, in 2016 the Argentinean "La Nación" launched "Muy Liebre" and received the World Digital Media Award in the category "Best New Product".

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With a continuous blog to SEO success – how does that work? 27.06.2017

Google the word “Eisbären” (polar bears) and you will get not only videos, articles and photo galleries of cute polar bear babies, but also headlines concerning the ice hockey team of the same name in Berlin. The Tagesspiegel sports live blog frequently appears among the top listings.

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Keynote Speaker Michael Golden (NYT) steps up to WAN-IFRA Presidency 13.06.2017

Some 40 years into his news media career, Michael Golden starts a new chapter as President of WAN-IFRA. Out colleagues from the World Association spoke with the vice chairman of the board of The New York Times Company, who will open the IFRA and DCX conferences as a keynote speaker.

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Publishing’s heavy hitters heading to Berlin 22.05.2017

Michael Golden, Vice Chairman of The New York Times, Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, Kevin Beatty, CEO of dmg media, and Rajiv C. Lochan, MD & CEO of Kasturi & Sons Ltd. (India) – lead an all-star line-up of speakers coming to this year’s IFRA and DCX.

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Our Session “The Power of Print”: Will 2017 be the tipping point for print media? 18.05.2017

Despite having been written-off countless times in the past, the printed newspaper stubbornly refuses to die. It is astounding to witness the tenacity with which the more than 400-years-old news medium asserts itself in the digital era.

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The Facebook Challenge: How to distribute content? 18.05.2017

After outsized initial excitement and bold claims about Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP and other social platforms, the time has come to see what is really happening. DCX – Digital Content Expo – assesses the impact and emerging trends of distributed content.

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