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Line Up 2019

The complete Line Up of the IFRA/DCX 2019 can be found here from June/July 2019.

This was the Line Up of the IFRA/DCX 2018

8 – 9 October 2019, Messe Berlin, Hall 21 – 22 Berlin Publishing Days on 7 & 10 October
  • Serge Soloviev

    Serge Soloviev



The future of video on text websites

How people consume video in articles.
How to increase video views 5x times: shorter is better
Why pivot to video has failed for many websites?
How text websites may compete with Youtube & Facebook for user's attention?
Key metrics in video autoplay: grab attention in first 5 seconds
Topic: Editorial & Distribution Monetisation, Payment & Advertising
Learning objectives: video consumption in text web
how to create engaging videos
video storytelling
video monetisation

Vita Serge Soloviev

Serge Soloviev is a founder & CEO of Viqeo — innovative video platform for text websites. Before starting Viqeo Serge founded leading video SSP Videonow mostly presented in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan and serving more than 1,5 billion monthly page views. Serge's experience in video ads and VOD market let to create new type of video platform: where content served first and ads let to keep platform free and ROI for content creation.


Serge Soloviev



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IFRA News Update

IFRA News Update: Learn more about the industry and the Expo


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