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Line Up 2019

The complete Line Up of the IFRA/DCX 2019 can be found here from June/July 2019.

This was the Line Up of the IFRA/DCX 2018

8 – 9 October 2019, Messe Berlin, Hall 21 – 22 Berlin Publishing Days on 7 & 10 October
  • Tommi Mäki

    Tommi Mäki



Voconaut – a model for the new story industry. Reigniting user engagement with augmented audio.

Social media is winning the user's attention and people are having a hard time focusing on journalism anymore. Your company might survive, but do you feel like winning? Industry has to find new models in order to prosper. In our lecture Voconaut CEO Tommi Mäki explains the deeper problem media companies are today facing and how to cure it. Think you've seen what startups can offer? Welcome to the land of fresh thinking.
Topic: Content Creation & Production Editorial & Distribution

Vita Tommi Mäki

Tommi Mäki is the CEO and co-founder of the augmented audio company Voconaut. He has an MA from Media Culture and over 15+ years of experience from sound design for AV industry including films, TV and radio. He has successfully developed two media companies and also worked with sensor technology. As the CEO of Voconaut, founded in 2018, his mission is to reignite the interest to journalism by creating an innovative area for new growth.


Tommi Mäki



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