Six Start-ups for the Hotspot Berlin 19.07.2017

The Start-ups that join the DCX Digital Content Expo in Berlin in October offer forward-looking solutions. We have looked at some of the young companies in more detail: We present six of these entrepreneurs and their products to you in brief here.

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A look behind the scenes: How are newspapers produced today 17.07.2017

With the Media Executive Pass for the IFRA and DCX exhibitions you can participate in an exclusive tour: to the Axel Springer printing plant and the newsroom of “Die Welt” group with its strong digital focus. This will give you an insight into one of Europe's largest publishing houses.

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Start-up Park: Bringing innovative technologies to the market 17.07.2017

Partnering with Future Media Lab and the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) we are launching a Start-up Park: an exclusive business platform that will allow tech entrepreneurs to meet and engage with a global network of media executives.

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LMA's Nancy Lane on how US media companies are transforming (Kopie 3) 17.07.2017

As president of the US-based Local Media Association, Nancy Lane has a pretty good pulse on how small and medium-sized publishers are navigating their transformation journeys. "Publishers are placing their bets in a lot of different areas," says Lane, who will share some of her insights at the DCX in October.

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How do you succeed with subscriptions? An interview with Amedia’s Pål Nedregotten 22.05.2017

In Norway, news publisher Amedia is taking a complex, data-driven – and successful – approach to acquiring digital subscribers. Freelance writer Em Kuntze caught up with Amedia's EVP, Pål Nedregotten, in the wake of Digital Media Europe 2017 to tap into his expertise.

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Trends in Newsrooms 2: Snapping up young audiences 18.05.2017

News organisations covet creating a meaningful connection with millennials and Gen Zers, with many investing heavily in new storytelling formats and social networks to engage with them. One way to reach this younger demographic that's becoming increasingly popular is to create content specifically for Snapchat.

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