“It continues to be an important fair for me, where I can talk to the most varied systems manufacturers within the shortest period of time.”
Gert Nielsen, Administrative Director of the Danish newspaper producer Erritsø Tryk A/S
From 10 – 12 October 2017 the IFRA World Publishing Expo & DCX Digital Content Expo 2017 - the meeting of the global publishing community - was successfully held at Messe Berlin. Take a look at the final report 2017 to get all the important facts and figures on the event.

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Revamped Expo stands the test in Berlin 16.10.2017

Over the past three days, news media specialists from all over the world gathered in Berlin for the new dual IFRA World Publishing and DCX Digital Content Expos, evaluating emerging technologies, innovations and trends sweeping the industry. With nearly 5000 visits and 181 exhibitors on hand, the increased participation is a solid signal that the event still resonates with this industry and holds promise for expansion.

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Jeff Jarvis on fake news: Fact-checking is good, but it's also like bringing a wet rag to a war 17.10.2017

The issue of fake news might seem straightforward to some, but clearly not to Jeff Jarvis. "It’s a mistake to talk about fake news like a commodity we can control and just turn on and off. We have here an issue of human behaviour. We have to understand that fundamentally."

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Publishers share fact-checking tools and initiatives to restore trust in media 12.10.2017

Media executives shared tools and initiatives focused on verification and fact-checking at the IFRA World Publishing Expo and Digital Content Expo (DCX) in Berlin, highlighting the efforts as an opportunity to restore trust in media.

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NYT's Golden: 'Everything we do in one way or another is to increase engagement' 11.10.2017

“We are in this for the long term ... Our horizon is the next 100 years,” said Michael Golden of The New York Times, during the Opening Session of IFRA Publishing Expo and DCX on Tuesday in Berlin.

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Döpfner at peace with platforms? Not just yet, but there's optimism in the air 10.10.2017

Mathias Döpfner, Chairman and CEO of Axel Springer in Germany, has been an outspoken critic of the likes of Google, but he struck an optimistic note about recent developments and other topics raised during a wide-ranging Q&A with Jeff Jarvis at the opening session of WAN-IFRA’s revamped Expo today.

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